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ASRI Academy of Fine Arts Indonesia
In the long historical journey, Faculty of Fine Arts Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta is an institution of higher education in the field of Indonesian art almost as old as the age of the Republic of Indonesia.
Before transformed into the Faculty of Fine Arts ISI Yogyakarta as it is now known, this institution was originally named ASRI or Indonesian Academy of Fine Arts.

ASRI was standing on the basis of Decree of the Minister of PP and K no. 32/Kebud., Dated December 15, 1949.
It was inaugurated on 15 January 1950 by ministers of PP and K at the time, namely S. Ward Kepatihan Mangunsarkoro in Yogyakarta, with its first director RJ lifted. Katamsi.
Arts education ASRI held at the time that Art of Painting, Sculpture, Art Carpentry, and “Redig” stands Reklame, Decoration, Graphic Illustration, followed by the Department of Drawing Teachers.

At the beginning of the ASRI in an emergency department, does not have an integrated campus.
Education held in many places. Energy Center Building Painter Indonesia (PTPI) Yogyakarta as the central office, where lectures, and studio Part I / II. SMA / B Kota Baru and homes RJ. … continue reading this entry.



Ten years is a group known for carrying the fine art of populist “Fangs Rice” stand coloring Indonesian art world. The group that initiated the children Yogyakarta until now remained faithful carrying bernafaskan works of social criticism. The purpose of this group of clearly founding of using public space to present their works. An egalitarian space options and the most democratic in the hope that the works can be more easily communicated to the public.

The target appeared awareness and critical attitude. Thus in practice, many groups of Rice’s fangs spitting problems experienced by people today. Rice fangs like the dialogue in every process of their work. That is, they make communication strategy for communities to understand their work. And now, at the age of 10, they want to reflect with the public invited to share the work and have fun. … continue reading this entry.

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